Easter and Hanging at the house


You guys… this face.

So with Juli’s help we managed to find eggs to hide in a place that does NOT do ‘Easter Bunny’. Here its all about walking religious statues through streets and covering the streets with candle wax (this is why the cars here during Semana Santa (easter week) make squealing noises as they drive by… too much wax on the roads).



Ok… back to Easter at our place…


We hid eggs all over the house and then had a scavenger hunt for the girls. They had to find the notes from the Easter bunny to find the secret presents. It was something Hollis’ family did and I always wanted to try it with my kids whenever I had them…




I bought that dress for Sophie and she wears it A TON.

Anyway Easter went well. Its been sorta low key here the rest of the time… just enjoying the city and walking around to our favorite coffee and food spots.




We did make it up to our snowy mountain neighbor with Jaime and Hilda while they were visiting.


We’re looking forward to coming home soon and also our little mini-break in Malaga at the end of the trip.

I’ll leave this here bc its one of my new favorite pictures…


Till then…



  1. 😍The girls r growing up way too fast 😔 And even more and more beautiful each day 🤗!!!! Let them know that abuelita loves ❤️them and misses them soooooo much!! Can’t wait to see u all again!!! Keep enjoying!! Lots of ❤️ love, hugs and kisses!!

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