A little mom time

Mom and Sibby only got to spend a few days with us before Joey and I went on our weekend trip to Ronda. With the crazy schedule we still got to spend some time together and managed to sneak away for a few hours to take some photos near the house. There is a really old hotel just up the street with this incredible balcony which is a great spot to look out over the city. Mom and I went and grabbed a drink and enjoyed the view.


After that we headed to my new favorite park. Its an old mansion that someone gave to the city with huge gardens. Best of all its free.




And a stop at the old stairs…


Friday after work Mia, Mom and I hung out in the garden… talking about life. It was a nice slow moment. Remember those?


Mom and Sibby headed home on Monday and Hilda and Jaime arrived yesterday. They are the last of our family visiting this trip. Its a little nuts but we only have 3 weeks till we head to Malaga for official “vacation”.

I’m working on a video from our trip to Ronda so I’ll post that when I get it finished… till then!


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  1. Love ❤️ and miss u all sooooo!! Keep having a wonderful time!!!!

    Ps: could Jaime get his bag???

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