Rain rain go away


First… Joey is here! Finally… jeez.


Just got back from Seville with the whole gang and we really enjoyed the city. Its a weird mix of New Orleans meets Paris meets Harry Potter. I know… hard to imagine. When I booked the trip ages ago I pictured sunshine and warm evenings so it was a bit of a bummer when we were looking at the weather forecast and it called for cold rain… all weekend… while we were sitting in Granada… in cold rain… BUT we made the most of it and the sun did join us occasionally.


Thanks sun.



Between getting soaked we got to see the Plaza de Espana and the main cathedral there. Also had some excellent food (finally). Spain has some serious fascination with ham. It’s in everything. Mignon and Dad had a hard time eating so when we found anything other than cheese pizza or ravioli they were so excited 🙂


We also stopped to say ‘hola’ to Christopher Columbus. His body has been moved 5 times to different countries since his death.


I let Joey play photographer for a bit. Does he have potential?


When we got back to Granada is was so clear over the mountains I insisted that Dad, Mignon and I go to the overlook for the Alhambra so we could see it as the sun came down. It was pretty spectacular but we got too cold and had to get back on the bus before the lights for the palace came on so… another time I guess.



Tomorrow Dad and Mignon head home. They will be missed dearly. Thank you both for all the fun these last two weeks… and for spoiling me with coffees every morning 🙂

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