New Visitors

My Dad and Mignon arrived this week which allowed Juli and Einar a chance to go explore their way up to Barcelona. We’ll see them again on Wednesday 🙂 Also Joey actually… we’ll have a full house!


This week we had a rather interesting situation happen where we got locked out of the house and had to enlist the neighbors help to get back in. I’ll spare you the details but through some very broken Spanish we figured out a way to stick a pole with a hook on the end and unlock the door from the inside through an open window. Lucked out… seriously. My dad even ended up on one of the balconies in an attempt to break in (amidst both English and Spanish women telling him to stop).

Here’s a shot of Mia looking very nervous that we couldn’t get back in the house. Don’t worry Mia…. we wouldn’t have had to sleep on the street for too long.


We also had some excursions into town and to the Alhambra. I was trying to wrangle two children on a very uneven castle structure and so pictures were few. I’m looking forward to Joey and I going again when he gets here.





We found a great place for coffee and breakfast so they’ll see us a lot I expect in the next few weeks.


Sophie has figured out hide-and-seek is the best thing since chocolate pastries so we’ve all been taking turns indulging her. Need to find some new hiding spots kid.


Hasta luego. Gotta get back to work tomorrow!


  1. Joey just left…he can’t wait to see his girls again on Wednesday!! Glad u r enjoying, even though with a bit of trouble, ha!!! Send lots of pics, please!! Huge 🤗 hugs and kisses!! Love ❤️ and miss u all!!! 🤗🤗😘😘😘

  2. I wanted to call you earlier, but passed out from actually having to deal with two babies this weekend (rare occasion. yes, we’re spoiled for now..) and a migraine 😦 *My mom is out of state till this Tuesday. I should be cleaning my train-wrecked living room and doing bottles. But I am enjoying your update instead 🙂 Hey, I need a break you know. Kisses to the kiddos and have a great Monday!

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