Let’s get lost.


So we ventured out without consulting the trusty maps and got a little lost in the Albayzín  on Saturday. We hiked and hiked to the top of the hill to try and find a plaza to get a view of the Alhambra palace but… we missed it. No worries, we’re here for a little while so we’ll find it 🙂



We did manage to find the best place to try some Churros and Chocolate. The Spanish LOVE their chocolate. Try checking out a Spanish grocery store and 85% of the cereal has chocolate. It’s turned into a bit of a joke for us. (Sidenote: can you see how thick that chocolate is in that mug?)


Sunday was much more successful with a trip to the coastal town of Nerja.



The beach doesn’t have sand… it has rocks and shells. So while it’s beautiful to look at it really hurts the toes. I’m a little surprised Sophie didn’t seem to mind at all.



Wrong side Sophie.

Yes… Mia was there too. She just wasn’t as fond of the sand and the waves.


Next week its going to be a little more cold and rainy but my Dad and Mignon get here Wednesday so we are excited for their visit!

Till then…


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  1. Sooo glad ur dad and Mignon r there with u now!! Just 1 more week till Joey joins u and the girls!!! 🤗😘😘😘

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