Getting to work


I officially started working remote from the house on Thursday. So not much time for exploring… but I did manage to shoot a couple exploratory shots around the house after work hours. Also found a really good coffee shop about 10 min walk from the house (the bummer is the all uphill stairs on the way home, wow workout).

spain-day315 copy

This weekend we’re going to get out and about to see the older part of the city. One of the things about the house that us Americans are getting used to: no dryer (Juli and I were talking today how sometimes Europe can feel so retro). I’ll be honest… it’s sorta fun hanging our clothes outside…


I’ll end on this photo of Juli playing a heavily strategized game of ‘go fish’ with Sophie. Night all 🙂



  1. The outdoor clothes hanging reminds me of my childhood. I think a lot of us Californian did it and I didn’t know it was different til I moved to the south. It was a good feeling; something about being outside, hanging clothes in the breezy air, and running around helping my mom 🙂

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