la casa nueva en Granada


Made it to the big house in Granada pretty easily. The flight from Madrid was quick and the taxi (with some broken Spanish) brought us right to the front door. The house is lovely with loads of Spanish charm. The garden wraps around the house and its great for the kids (bc they’re pretty much on lockdown with our solid metal door.) Every room has a balcony with these really old latches that open to different views of the neighborhood.



We’ve had the windows open most of the day since the weather has been awesome. Kinda wish we had that in Atlanta. Also got to wander around the ‘hood’ today. Its VERY hilly so a bit of a hike but full of weird surprises. The streets are very old so they completely switch the direction of traffic through a series of traffic lights.




The kids have adapted to the time change much quicker than I thought. We hung out this morning just the three of us on the balcony in my room and starting the morning sorta slowly and enjoying our new surroundings.


Nighttime has been chill, the adults catching up on emails and life back in Atlanta. I’ve been able to video chat with Joey just fine but we can’t wait for him to join us. I start work tomorrow so a new schedule for everyone and time to get serious 😉


Hasta luego 🙂

— Ashley


  1. I didn’t know your folks flew with you!! I’m glad it went well :). The pictures look freaking amazing!
    Your blog will keep me entertain at my cubicle-cell for the next few weeks 😀

  2. Sooo glad u r already there and it went smoothly!! Wow…ur temporary home looks amazing and the girls look very happy!! Joey will be there in no time! Keep enjoying!! Lots of love…give huge hugs and kisses to our sweet and beautiful girls from abuelita!! Already missing u all!! 😍🤗🤗😘😘

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