Airplanes and Arrivals

Well, we made it. There were some tears, some possible throw up scares, and not enough snacks for two small bellies but all in all it went better than I expected. That is not to say that I enjoyed a wiggly almost 2 year old in my lap for 8 hours, yikes.

We got to the hotel way to early and had to wander around a nearby mall in hopes that when we got back we’d be able to get a room and sleep. Our stalling paid off and I finally plopped the kids in some beds and shut the curtains. I probably could have slept for 6 hours but I remembered traveling with my dad to Europe and how he’d only let us nap for 2 hours or so to try to get on the rhythm of the new country we were in.



After that I figured some adventuring was in order. Thankfully I was able to google map a nearby green spot and the kids and I set out. We had a nice time exploring and met up with Juli and Einar after for a quick bite.


Tomorrow we’re off to Granada and the place we’ll know as home for the next 2 months. Yay for no more planes and finally unpacking 🙂

Till then…


  1. I think it’s awesome that you’re doing this. It takes courage to travel afar with little ones & call a foreign land home even for a little while. Its inspiring to see you guys wish for something, plan it, create the opportunity, implement it, and act on them. I wanted to tell you that in person, but I can’t keep my mouth/fingers shut! Enjoy your day in Spain 🙂

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