This being my first post in my blog I wanted to introduce myself. Name is Ashley. I’m not new to blogging but have been wanted to start up something new since having a new addition to the family… I’m sure some of you can relate. 🙂


Now before I turn you loose:

1) Live in: Atlanta and work as a graphic designer.
2) Love: Starbucks, kids rooms, photography and sketching.
3) Right now I’d like to be: someplace warm with my family in tow.
4) What you’ll find here: art, how-to, discovery, and conversation.
5) Why: because blogs are about learning and connecting… And without readers I can’t do that can I? Ha


  1. I love how blogs bring people together. Getting the chance to meet friends around the world who otherwise you would never know. It is crazy really, sometimes I feel like I know more about what going on with my blogging friends than with my real life friends

  2. A little disappointed you haven’t posted anything in almost a year!! I wanted to use this domain name. Post something I’ love to hear your input

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